What is your relationship to Rural King?

RK Guns IS Rural King. In order to best serve our firearms customers, we built a dedicated firearms website. Rest assured that you're dealing with the same dedicated, service-oriented folks that take care of you at your local Rural King store.

Where is the nearest Rural King Store? What is their phone number?

Rural King store locations and phone numbers can be found on the store locator page.

Can I buy a gun online at RKGuns.com and pick it up at my local Rural King store?

Yes! This is a popular choice because we do not charge a transfer fee when you buy online and pick up at a Rural King store.

How do I buy a gun online?

It's simple, but there are a few very important things to keep in mind. Please read our How to Buy a Gun Online guide for a simple explanation of the process.

What is an FFL?

An FFL is a Federal Firearm License. There are currently over 58,000 FFL holders nationwide. FFL holders are commonly gun stores, pawn shops, and retail sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold an FFL. All firearms sold online to individuals must be shipped to a local FFL holder who will then transfer the firearm (via ATF form 4473 and FBI background check) to the individual.

How do I arrange to have a local dealer handle my firearm transfer?

During the checkout process, instead of entering your own address as the shipping address, you will select an FFL dealer near you from our database of FFL holders. It is your responsibility to communicate with your chosen FFL dealer prior to completing your purchase with us. Most dealers accept FFL transfers (for a fee) but you should talk to them before placing your order to confirm. You may also want to ask what their fee is.

Can I buy a gun and ammo at the same time, on the same order?

No. Gun and ammunition orders must be placed separately.

The gun I want is sold out at RKGuns.com. Can I still order it?

No, but your local Rural King may have the gun in stock.

My order still says "processing". What does that mean?

It means your order has been received but has not yet been shipped.

The pending charge on my card has dropped off. Is my order okay?

Yes. The original charge was only an authorization to ensure that your payment method could be charged for the amount of your order. That authorization normally drops off after about three days. When your order ships, a new charge will appear on your card.

I did not receive my order confirmation email. Did my order go through?

Most likely, yes. Please allow several minutes for your confirmation email to arrive and also check your spam folder. Please contact customer service if you need to have your order confirmation email sent again.

The tracking link in my shipment confirmation email didn't work.

It can take up to 24 hours from the time an order ships for the tracking link to become active. Please check again at least 24 hours after you received your shipment confirmation. If it doesn't doesn't work, please contact customer service.

Tracking shows that my gun has been delivered to my local Rural King store. Can I go pick it up now?

Please wait until the store calls you to let you know that your gun is ready for pickup. If you wish, you may call the store to ask about the status of your order.

Why must I ship my AR lower to an FFL dealer?

Because the federal government says you must.

How do rebates work?

You can find out more about rebates here.

What is the RK Guns return policy?

Please see our cancellations and returns page for details.

Do you accept PayPal?

No. PayPal will not process payments for firearms, firearm parts or ammunition.

Do you give or sell customer information to third parties?

Never. We value your business and respect your privacy. Please see our privacy policy for details.